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A modern design for a modern wet room

When it comes to a modern household’s wet room, every choice that you need to make is the most important. And the most important one is choosing a shower channel drainage system for your shower room. These types of drains don’t just have the perfect design, being as inconspicuous as you want them to be and thus not stealing anything from the aesthetics of the room, but they can also handle any volume of water.

But first things first – the linear drains are the easiest to install. Much easier, anyway, then the readymade shower room floors or even the traditional point drain systems. Because they are placed in the corner of the wet room or right beside of one of the shower room walls, the floor needs just a slight inclination towards that place. On the other hand, for example, for a traditional drain system you would have had to tilt the tiles concentrically, towards the drain. From this point of view, you alone could install the best shower drain system, without the help of a professional and only by using the given shower drain system

Then we can say that these types of drains are much more effective than any of the other alternatives. They are basically long and narrow profiles, which collect the water (and the impurities, for that matter) from a larger area. Because of that, these types of drains can handle a larger volume of water, so the risk of water overflowing is greatly reduced.

Also because of the larger area from which it collects the water, the risk of clogging is also greatly reduced. The impurities can also be cleansed easier, with a piece of cloth. However, further maintenance is also required, just as with any other types of drains. But you won’t have to do this as often than before – once a week is more than enough. Just pour some boiling water and you will be good to go.

Most interestingly, these types of drains can be personalized in any way that you want. You can have them as long as you want them to be, thus the profiles becoming even narrower. Your channel drainage instruction manual will let you know what the minimum opening they should have is.

But this isn’t all. These are indeed the drains for a modern household because, literally, there are countless of ways in which you can add your own imprint. Thus, you can go for the basic stainless steel material, or you can choose the latest antimicrobial compound. You can choose different models of gratings, if you want or need any at all (you can even have personalized inscriptions on your gratings). Furthermore, you can choose LED lighting for your new drain systems, in any colour that you want.

As said, these types of drains can be as inconspicuous as you want them to be. But if you can add to the aesthetics of the wet room, why wouldn’t you?

So whether you are moving to a new home, whether you are planning to improve the quality of living, don’t leave choosing the drain system as your last task. Do it at first and you won’t encounter any problems from then on.

Give us a call and our team of professional will promptly answer, pointing you in the right direction. Come to us and choose your new channel floor drainage system!

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