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A chic and reliable solution for your shower room

If you plan on changing your old shower drain system, then you should consider replacing it with a modern and reliable channel drainage system. Long and narrow profiles, the channel drains (also called linear drains) are, basically trenches which are positioned in one of the wet room’s corners or besides on of the walls. Because of that they are hardly noticeable, not stealing away anything from the special design you gave to your wet room.

But saying that they are trenches might give you the wrong idea. They are very inconspicuous because of their specially designed gratings – designs which are chosen by you. You can install them by yourself and they will work hard and silently for you, so to shower channel drains

Of course, if you want, you can personalize them and even improve the design of your wet room. Besides the personalized gratings (which can have any design and any inscriptions you want), you can even add LED lighting to your new channel drainage system. If you can do it, why wouldn’t you?

But it isn’t all about the looks with this new and modern solution. As said, the linear drains are hard workers – because they gather the water on a larger area, larger volumes of water can be handled by drains. For the same reason, clogging is much more difficult – the impurities are also collected, after all, on a larger area. So you have shot two birds with one single stone.

As said, the linear drains are pretty easy to install, just by following the easy instructions. Whereas for a tradition point drain system you would have had to cut some of the tiles, where the drain was inserted, and make sure that there was a concentric inclination of the tiles towards the drain, it is much easier with the linear drains. You won’t have to cut any tiles and you’ll just have to have a slight slope towards where the drain is placed. You’ll save both time and money in making this kind of purchase.

So what choice will you make? Will you go for the traditional point drains? Or will you choose the channel drainage system?

In any of these ways, you can find all the answers by giving us a call. Our teams of professionals are on stand-by, ready to give you all the answers you need. When coming to us, you will find all the ways in which you can personalize all your purchases.

Of course, there is one more question which needs to be answered: why would you want to install a new drain system, when you could easily patch-up the older one? Usually, people tend to believe that this is the least of their worries, whether they are moving, whether they are improving the quality of their lifestyle. And this is a big mistake.

A faulty drain system will not be felt at first – you’ll notice that the water is not collected properly, but that is about all. What you won’t notice is how the water infiltrates beneath the tiles and becomes stagnant. Only when it will be too late you will realize that there is an actual danger of water overflowing and flooding your house.

So don’t be one of those people. From the many solutions there are, a new and improved channel drainage system will take all your worries away. Come to us and you will enjoy long and relaxing baths, just like anybody should.

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